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Phone for Free with Call2Friends

free call with call2friends You need to make an urgent call but your mobile service let you down. Maybe you don`t have enough credit for an international call. Cell phones have their limitations. Skype might have been a possibility except the other person doesn`t have the bandwidth, and besides Skype can cost you a lot too. You need more than help. You need the power to make internet calls for next to nothing. You need Call2Friends and you need it now.

Make free calls from your browser

All that is required to hook into our incredible technology is a computer with flash player, microphone / speakers and a high-speed internet connection. The other party just needs a cellphone or landline. Online internet calls just came of age. Microsoft acquired a dinosaur when they bought the ready-made Sky / Telecom solution that every computer user used to love. Little did they know that Call2Friends free calls + browser + internet connection technology was in alpha mode already and vacuuming up their market. The first minute or so of any online internet call you make through us is free, with our compliments and gratis as in on the house, just as soon as you sign up with us and make the connection. If you need a few minutes more to reinforce a point or share a loving vibe, you can draw from your credit with us and keep on chatting. As we said, free calls + browser on your computer make the best possible combination. Hook into Call2Friends and make internet calls for free right now! Are you ready to get started?